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to pollsters took a look at the politics of this race and with the what -- with the latest poll numbers have to say. latest polling numbers had to say. host: our son the roundtable,, -- on our sunday roundtable, andrew baumann, ed goeas, thank you for being with us. pollsters, they say, this is the truth, it has always been equal parts art and science. guest: i do not know if i agree with that. it is more science and art, that is why we are paid to do what we do, and we think they
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are generally pretty accurate. that is why you see polls from different sides of the aisle, some polls have been different results. i think that there is a little bit of hyperbole to call it four pollsters. maybe they are having the worst week. guest -- host of this poll shows mitt romney being ahead six points -- host: this poll shows mitt romney ahead by six points in florida, another one showing obama up by five points. [laughter] guest: same weekend? there are two polling firms out there, that there have been real questions about. going back to the point that andrew made, you have to make an assumption that some point. is turnout going to be like it was in 2004? which was even between the
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parties? or will it be more like 2008, with seven points for the democrats? my preference is to look in between. but what the poll has been doing in particular is looking more at what it was in 2008, which political pollsters will tell you, it will not be at that point. it needs to be somewhere near where the republicans were in 2008. host: the annual crystal ball contest from "the washington post." jim cramer, predicting that mitt romney will get 98 electoral votes, the president, 440? he is the only one predicting a landslide for the president. guest: he is the only one predicting that. i am a democratic partisan, i would love to see that, but i do not think it will be close to that. host: only two are predicting that mitt romney will win, the other 11 saying that barack obama will get a second term.
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guest: the perception of looking at these polls is very interesting. we released our own poll today with a different side between the candidates. there was an indication that it would lean towards mitt romney by a point or two, especially if they look at the model on the battleground. i think that the real question is, where is the electoral college going to go? everyone is making a guess at this point. ohio is up in the air, wisconsin is up in the air. certainly of those three, off three could go to mitt romney, off three to go to obama, that will be the difference in the electoral college. guest: that is true, those three states will be making the difference. predictions are going to line up with what really looks like,
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which at this rate is that the popular vote is that even right now we have it dead even. the math works a lot better for barack obama than it does for mitt romney and he is more likely to wind up on top because he has small but consistent leads in those places. mitt romney, basically, he absolutely needs to win florida, absolutely needs to win virginia, then ohio and wisconsin and a couple of over states -- a couple of other states. he basically needs to get the inside straight. guest: that is where the intervals really make a difference. in every case, every poll, state after state, national polls, sympathy is still on the republican side. the interesting thing about the current polls is that it shows the republicans have caught up in terms of turnout. our poll has 26% of democrats
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turning out, 26% of republicans turning out, followed closely by that but intensely, the republican side, which is where i put the edge in the other direction. host: it is almost as if president has a hub in ohio. ohio, florida, new hampshire. this morning from "the sunday morning -- sunday tribune review," from pittsburgh, pa., we know at 5:30 this afternoon, mitt romney will be outside philadelphia. his only appearance in the state before the election. what is going on in pennsylvania? guest of this is a real question about pennsylvania, -- guest: this is the real question, pa., like lucy and the football getting pulled away at the last minute, data shows that there is more going on in pennsylvania than what you might think. normally in the suburbs it is a
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real battleground between the democrats and republicans. this year you are saying that the suburbs are leaning very heavily towards the republicans. you're saying the president is doing even better in the urban areas. the suburbs are really leaning in our direction. host: i am glad that mitt romney is wasting his time in -- guest: i am glad that mitt romney is wasting his time in pennsylvania. this poll, the susquehanna paul, up and down four or five points, if anything it shows movement towards a pet -- president. i am not worried about pennsylvania.
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host: reuters put together a combination, here is the latest, taking a look at these battleground states. colorado, florida, virginia. the president is at 45%. florida, dead even. ohio, the president is up one. . in virginia, mitt romney is a 45%. andrew? guest: it president, being an underdog in florida, he remains a favorite in ohio. i was looking at the averages last night and right now the president is the average of 2.7% in ohio. that one margin is a little bit low, but he remains a favorite in ohio. if you look at those four states, we have ohio to obama and with a toss up in virginia.
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host: colorado and florida to mitt romney? guest: i would agree with that. this is where we really get into the numbers. obama won ohio by five points last week in one poll, but the sample was not what was in 2008. if you do the average, that deficit becomes a one. advantage for mitt romney, or half of a point advantage. that is where there is a little bit of concern on the average between the poles in the states. i would think it should be more like the olympics. as opposed to these out liars. guest host some say that this shows too high of a democratic sample. -- guest: some say that this shows too high of a democratic sample. that we should not wait on partisan ship unless there is an absolute example of what is correct for people that fit your polling can tell you what the partisanship should be. i think that 5 is a little bit
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high, i think the polls are telling us something. host: prediction time for you, andrew. what will the president get? what will mitt romney get? guest of the president wins with 54% of people -- of the popular vote. guest: i have mitt romney winning by 2% in the popular vote, 291 electoral votes in ohio and wisconsin. host: pennsylvania goes to? guest: democrats. host: good morning. caller: good morning. i am calling to find out, pretty much, how do you get your statistics through these polls? do you loot -- do you utilize only land line, or cellular phone? guest: in our case, 25% of our surveys herself on. we do actually do random in
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terms of land line. guest: obviously this is a big issue for pollsters and it will only get bigger, to have an accurate poll you need sell funds. the bias is towards the conservative side when you use only land lines. host: when you look at these numbers in any election, do they tend to break for the challenger or the incumbent? caller: they used to have a role that it would break forth the challenger, that was the truth out through the early 1990's. that is no longer the case, most of the time now it is pretty even. host: why is that? caller: the landscape of politics has changed, becoming more polarized, more negative. people are undecided, even though the have made up their minds. not like in the past, where
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they indicated they did not want to vote for the incumbent. they have people that frankly in their heart know where they are voting, but are not saying. host: your analysis? guest: they are nonvoters and have been nonvoters for a long time. we are looking at 94%, 95% of the electorate. only 74% are going to vote. we do a model that gives a weighting to likely voters. you have to do that. if you are still undecided at this point, are probably not going to voted in this election. host: jason says they do not sample anyone without a landline phone. guest: not true.
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host: on the republican line, welcome to "washington journal." caller: i would like to bring your attention to the scott walker election. the national media and the polls all had him losing and yet he won fame. if you take that into consideration -- the polls and
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the way they poll, these polls are just no good with a fall on side a or side b. americans like to be treated fairly. they do not like to see somebody not being treated fairly. host: thank you. we will get a response. guest: we did a lot of work in the walker recall last year. we had it exactly on the margin was walker winning. there are outliers or things that happen.
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more often than not, polling is still accurate. we make sure we are calling cell phones and we are getting people who are going to come out to vote. i believe the polling is an accurate science. host: the president concluded his stay in virginia. he begins his day in new hampshire and heads to florida and back to ohio and colorado. this indicates how small the playing ground is in these battleground states. an interesting historical note -- in 1960, john kennedy campaigned in 50 states and nixon campaigned in 60 states. these campaigns are concentrating on 10 states. guest: 9-11 tossup states or states that are in play depending on how you define it. since we have an electoral college, that is the way the candidates go. host: on the democrats out west feeling lonely these days? guest: i am from oklahoma. even though it is being ignored, i think the electoral college is good for a small state. if one candidate wins the
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electoral college, you will see a discussion about that. guest: you can only do that if you have non partisan redistricting. host: a professor at the naval academy at annapolis, maryland says this. the president has had 220 fundraisers for the obama victory fund. this is his campaign and the democratic national committee. george w. bush had 86 and deutsche herger walker bush had 24. ronald reagan had only three. guest: you have superpac money
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flooding in and $1 billion flooding into this campaign. the president did what he thought he'd need to do. host: will it change after this election? guest: if you look at how the campaigns are spending their money, there is not a lot of waste. i thought all along that the best way is the ability to do instant reporting in today's society. you take away the curtain and bring it down to truly where this campaign is. all of the money into the
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campaign. do away with superpacs and have no ceiling on individual contributions and let the people see exactly what is happening. if there is a george soros on the republican side, i do not know who we could mention -- but the candidate takes the heat. guest: the koch brothers would be mentioned. they need to take the money out of the process so candidates can spend their time focusing on the people's business. host: the washington post pointed out that karl rove has not had success predicting outcomes. he says aa timid race leaves no
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mandate. this has been a humbling election for people who follow politics. we have filled, hours of airtime to cover the politics of the past six months. we are essentially where it all began. it is a dead heat. the guest: i would agree completely. if you look at the internal again on the voters that are left out there, it would put the edge to romney. at one point of this campaign, i thought there would be one of three scenarios.
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i thought obama wins or romney wins or a close race in the end. host: hurricane sandy -- does that help or hurt the president? people are complaining that the response has not been quick enough. guest: it helped the president a little bit. the cake is still baking. there are not a lot of undecided voters. i do not think it changed anything. host: rick is on the line from massachusetts on the independent line. good morning. caller: i think all polls are an absolute joke. the questions posed are going to be toward the end of achieving the goal of the pollster. it depends on how the question is asked. the answer can be spun in the
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way he wants. the university of boulder has actual numbers as opposed to opinion. i do not give my opinion to the pollsters because i do not know how they are going to skew them. host: can you give us your opinion? who you think is going to win? caller: i believe it is going to be mitt romney. all the jobs the president wants to create are taxpayer funded.
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and the $1.30 trillion deficit. host: who you vote for in 2008? caller: i voted for john mccain. guest: there is a difference between pollsters and the republican polls. when we are wrong in our numbers, our clients lose and we do not get new clients. we are careful in how we are analyzing the survey. with the public polls, they have a different goal. the more they generate stories, the better it is. we have moved back to a 2004. so many of our stories are
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generated by pulling numbers as opposed to being generated by the campaign. i differ in terms of controlling on party. they do not control for party. you have seen in a short period of time, party identification jumping a good 10 points. you are generating a story rather than generating reality in terms of polling. all of the polls start coming back to the center. that is with the averaging does
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work. as you get closer to the election, surveys have a new ones because of the weighting on party. in 2008, we ended up with five polls that were exactly the same. guest: has citizen united affected the outcome? absolutely. it has made it a lot more difficult for president obama. for a state like virginia and colorado, they might have gone the other way. in the senate races, a lot of money from those groups. the democrats have not been able to match. you will see seven house seats that will go to the republicans that may not have gone to them
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in the past. host: it is pointed out that in congress, despite record levels disapproving of the institution, democrats are expected to gain seats in the house, but not the 25 needed to recapture the majority. in the senate, democrats hold a 53-47 majority. more senate races are considered too close to call. the democrats are in a position to maintain their majority. guest: i think that is exactly right. if you had asked me one year ago, i would have said the chance of the democrats holding the senate would be slim. you will see a lot of things break for democrats to win. elizabeth warren has opened up a lead in massachusetts. the race in arizona was not supposed to be close and now is a tossup. democrats remain at 53 and they
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might gain 54. they are likely to hold the majority. in the house, there will be little change. they do not come close to winning the majority, unfortunately. guest: the house will be a net gain of a handful. for the democrats in terms of a gain, but nowhere close to what they need to take control of the house. host: and in the senate? guest: what has not been reported is that we got approval of congress is different from the job approval of individual congressmen. in terms of romney, you would have seen all of these close races go republican. now everyone is out for their own selves. there could be a net gain for republicans win a few of these races come through. if i were to call it today, i
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would say it is even or slightly democrat. host: there is always one surprise race. give me one state, one race we will be talking about wednesday morning when you say, we did not see that coming. guest: if there is one that will come out of the blue it will be bob kerry winning in nebraska. you saw chuck hagel endorse him. that could be one that comes out of nowhere. guest: pennsylvania will be a surprise on the republican side. i do not expect the presidential race to go in romney's direction.
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in the senate race, i can see the republican easily win. host: from south carolina on the democrats' line. caller: hi. i am concerned about the experimental software that has been loaded and half of the counties in ohio. i worked as a systems analyst. it would be so easy to have something that would go in and slip votes to where they wanted it to be and you raise any evidence of having been there. i feel 100% that obama would win in a fair election, i am concerns about whether there will be a fair election. host: thank you for the call. every two or four years, we get these calls. what is the process? how are votes tabulated and how
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are they check and cross checked? guest: from everything i have seen, the civil servants in these states take their jobs seriously. they have a whole bunch of double checks to make sure things like this do not happen. there has been an effort, mostly from the republican side of the aisle to pass restrictive laws to disenfranchise a lot of eligible voters, mostly minorities in states like ohio and pennsylvania, where you have the republican speaker of the house admit that their voter id law was meant to defeat president obama. that definitely could have an impact. i am not worried about anybody stealing the election. i am were about in a close race, people who should be able to voted not being able to vote. host: speaking of close votes. this comes from one of our
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viewers. do not waste your vote, go for virgil. gary johnson is on the ballot. what role will third-party candidates have in close states in close races? guest: there was some concern early in virginia in terms of what the impact would be there. what you normally see, unless there is a strong campaign out there, you see about 1% of the total vote being split up between these candidates. that could make a difference in some of these close states. it is hard to predict. you are not getting enough in your sample. guest: i agree. it is tough to predict.
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we are seeing gary johnson get a little bit more earlier. mexico is a state that had been close. he was a governor there and that could have been close. host: a lot of you calling in on the election tabulation. we will be focusing on this tomorrow morning on "washington journal." we will be talking with the legal director with the lawyer's committee. we will talk about how the votes are tabulated and how they are checked and cross check. the national journal has this on its recent cover. republicans need more of these, minorities. democrats need more of these, white males and white females. guest: you are seeing a split between the two parties. it is not a split between whites and people of color can it is a split between married and single. it is a split between secular and faith based. that is a trend we have seen for two decades now. host: kevin from massachusetts. go ahead. caller: a.c.o.r.n., which will
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not be a factor in this election -- what was the impact of fraud by that organization? romney will not be inaugurated until january. if obama wins, we will have gridlock again. how do we get around this debt ceiling thing? guest: i do not know if we are not going to have gridlock either way. we have 53-47 republican or 53- 47 democrat, the bottom line is as long as they have the filibuster roles were it takes 60% to move something through, they are the most dysfunctional
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part of our government. it is not going to be corrected in this election. in terms of the economic cliff we have, i would hope that it will be dealt with no matter who wins. it is sitting there like a huge elephant in the room. it will have to be dealt with immediately after this election. host: this title story is called "trouble ahead." the author says, "no matter who wins, give them the benefit of the doubt and let's work together." do you think there will be a more bipartisan atmosphere? guest: i would like to think so. i will not say the problem has been on the republican side.
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the tea party has taken control. you see good senators like lugar and hagel being beaten. you do not have moderate republicans. there were meetings between republicans before president obama was inaugurated where they said they would not work with them. hopefully, you will see people from both parties work together more. the fiscal cliff is a big problem. if we cannot do anything, we will hurt the economy. both parties will get together to do something. i have too much faith in them. host: the cost of the campaign was $5.40 billion in 2008.
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it is $6 billion when you combine the presidential campaign, the 35 u.s. senate races and the 34 races for the house of representatives. the president has 186 electoral college votes. 57 leaving. mitt romney has 36 states that lean mitt romney and 170 mitt romney electoral votes. caller: the question on the table is who we think is going to win and why. i believe president obama will be reelected. the tipping point will be the auto bailout.
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those people in ohio and michigan -- right now, the economy in ohio and michigan -- and i spend a lot of time in wisconsin -- they will be voting for obama because of that bailout. romney can pick up the democratic states, north carolina and florida. obama could lose the popular vote due to an increased amount of republican turnout this year and the effects of sandy and the northeast. it could hurt democratic turnout there. i solidly see an obama victory. host: the washington post is writing about myths about the electoral college. guest: the caller was right.
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states like new jersey and new york will not affect the electoral college. president obama will win those. huge numbers for romney in the south. there is a chance for an electoral college-popular vote split. host: who are you pulling for now? guest: in the senate races, we are in michigan, wisconsin, nevada, the governor's race in new hampshire. we do 75 congressional races. we started off with 53 incumbents going into this election. we do some polling for the romney campaign. host: what is happening for the wisconsin senate race? guest: i did some polling for
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scott walker. we have it right in terms of polling as opposed to what you are seeing in the public polling. we have a net edge presidentially and in the senate race going for tom thompson in that senate race. what we are seeing there we are seeing in all of the campaigns. we have closed the gaps that democrats have in those states. guest: we see a much more partisan atmosphere than in 2008. the democrat in wisconsin has a slight lead. that will be a close race on election day. wisconsin is a little bit closer than it has been before. in the end, obama wins that state by two or three points. host: i want to put on the
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screen what is happening in colorado, alabama, north carolina. the number of votes cast as of yesterday. in colorado, 1.5 million votes cast. 35% for democrats, 37% republicans. in iowa, just over 500,800 cast. 43% democratic and 32% republican. guest: you are seeing a shift. same thing for florida. the last election, they had almost a 10 point advantage in terms of the early vote. all of the big statewide papers for mitt romney changed the dynamic and tipped it in the direction of romney. host: the other states are nevada, north carolina, and ohio. in nevada, 627,000 early votes castle far. for democrats, 48% and four republicans, 32%. in ohio, 1.3 million early votes cast. 29% for the democrats and 23% for republicans.
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guest: ohio is hard to judge. you need to look more at demographics and area rather than partisanship. colorado is looking pretty decent for the republicans. north carolina is looking decent for the republicans. iowa is looking good for the democrats. ohio is looking good for the democrats. people on both sides are saying nevada is off of the table. it looks like it will go for obama. i would disagree with what you said about the impact of the des moines register. there was a poll that came out that said obama was up 55 in iowa. colorado is looking better for the republicans. host: someone writes on twitter, why don't we forget the
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election and use the polls instead? [laughter] guest: the democrats always have a much higher turnout in the early vote. their machine turns it out. one of the things we have seen among the democrats is that they have been trying to pump the numbers to play the game of who is winning and who is
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losing where the strategy for republicans is we turn out the votes for people who are least likely to vote. voters who have voted in the last four elections will vote in this election. republicans have a 355,000 vote lead in terms four by four voters. we are looking at better numbers than we have had.
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guest: if this were 2010, you would have a great point. in the last two elections, 90% of registered voters voted on election day. intensity does not matter as much in a presidential election as it matters now. republicans always do better with four by four voters. that is what happened in 2010.
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the obama people know what they are doing. they will not waste money who are not going to attend. they are targeting people who are less likely to vote. there are a lot of people who cannot vote in the last elections. host: 30,000 people at a campaign rally for mitt romney in columbus, ohio, which we covered on the c-span network. it is all about ohio, ohio, ohio. this is from the sunday paper. swing state holds its sway. caller: if i can get these two gentlemen to take off their name tags for one moment and
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answer the question. if the republicans had worked with president obama, would the situation we are in now be the same? guest: our argument about the partisanship is that the bottom line is that obama had overwhelming control in the house and senate in the first two years of his presidency. he got some of the things through that he wanted. there were several things that did not work like the stimulus package. there are also many things that he is saying, i will do, that he did not get done when he could do it. i think -- taking the name tag off -- i think i think this country is split between
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democrats and republicans. we believe the country is 43% democrat and 40% republican. what you see happening in washington actually reflects the american public. what that means for the next president whether it is barack obama or mitt romney is that they are going to have to go after moving the american public, not to go after moving congress. that will be key to dealing with some of the big problems we are facing.
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>> i think you are right that the public is split. i do not think the republicans in congress are reflective of republican voters. when you have every single republican candidates say they would not take a deal that was 10 times the spending cuts with one times the tax revenue. a plurality says tax increases must be part of the death as a solution. host: what are the independent numbers? guest: most of the public polls have the independent voters leading romney. we had them leaning seven or 8 points in the direction of mitt romney. most of the public polls as we have been showing the race getting closer, many of the independents have voted at a higher margin. guest: i think the republican
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block -- the independent bloc is a lot more republican leaning that it was in 2008. there are republicans identified as independents and voting as a republican. the independents are leaning romney. host: the most expensive campaign in the country is in virginia. frank is on the phone from fort lauderdale, florida. good morning, frank. caller: good morning. what disturbs me about president obama's rhetoric is that he refers to that if romney is elected, we will go back to the policies that got us into trouble in the first place. the fact is, that was a democratic legislature deregulating the mortgage
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industry that said you do not have to have downpayments and you do not have to verify employment. it is unfair for the president to misrepresent the facts. that disturbs me greatly. i am a former democrat, but this year i will be voting mitt romney and the republican ticket. host: thank you for the call. guest: i do not accept the premise of that on what the president has said. mr. romney's economic policies are exactly the same as george w. bush's economic policies. they are the same republican economic policies we have had for the last 25 years. it is hard to argue that george bush's policies were an
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economic failure. they deregulated wall street and led us into the financial crisis. you see that in all our polls. we ask, who you blame for the current economic situation? it is still blame bush. guest: this is where there has been a lot of misinformation out there. president bush respected the office by taking the blame and not looking for someone else to blame, which is the opposite of what president obama has done this entire time. the caller is exactly right. at the time bush took office, we had a lot of national debt.
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without pointing fingers in terms of what the caller is talking about, the root problem of what brought our economy to where it was was long planted in the policies of the democrats in fannie mae and freddie mac and trying to transfer those government loans into the private sector. if you look at the economy today in talking about policies, the voters are respectful to the romney. he is winning on the economy, spending, jobs, and winning on
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getting something done. that will make a difference in this election. guest: romney has had a small edge in terms of the economy. he has hung his hat on the fact that he is a businessman. he is losing on foreign-policy and who cares about the middle class, places where obama has large advantages. romney needs to win by more than he is on the economy to win this election. over the last four or five months, there has been an uptick in people saying the country is headed in the right direction. it has gone from the 20's to 40%. we see more than half of the public saying the economy is improving. host: i want to put two issues on the table. how damaging was that video
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where mitt romney talked about the 47% to the campaign and its narrative? guest: if you look at the numbers, it may have stalled for a period of time. was it a driving force? no, it was not a driving force. guest: as the 47% happened, i was feeling good about obama winning pretty handily. he did poorly in the first debate. romney did well and going into that, voters believed mitt romney was the 47% mitt romney. host: this morning, the new york times said, still waiting for the narrator in chief. if obama manages to lose an election that seems well within his grasp a few months ago, it will pain democrats for years to come. the answers can be traced back
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to those first overwhelming months after the 2008 election. remember that john mccain's most effective line of attack against obama during the campaign was that he was more of a motivational speaker than a leader. the president's advisers were wary of too much speechifying. todd akin in missouri and richard mourdock? what does the polling say? guest: they are both going to lose. host: a caller on the democratic line. caller: obama will not be beholden to the superpacs. money will be a pressure on romney during his first term. guest: president obama will not have to worry about reelection so he will not have to worry about raising money from anybody. i do not really think mitt romney's policies are due to superpac money. he believes in what he believes
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in. i just believes he is wrong. guest: he believes in what he believes and i would not agree with what he says is wrong. host: what about voter turn out? will it be 60% overall turnout across the country? guest: overall, the best way to track it is the adult aged population, the voting population. guest: the idea that there was a surge of voters for barack obama in 2008 is not true. you will see similar numbers. host: the house of representatives, on november 7,
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will be controlled by republicans. the surprise of the night in the senate race will be -- guest: nebraska. host: the president will get how many electoral votes? guest: 294. host: surprise election of the night potentially in the house? guest: nevada. host: when the polls are coming in, what are you keeping an eye on?
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guest: atch west virginia, florida, ohio. guest: i am not familiar with the state of iowa. guest: i would focus on nevada. in ohio, the thing to watch is how big the margin is coming out of cincinnati. host: here is the final question of the morning. will we know who was the next
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president on november 6 for november 7? guest: much more doubtful today that it was one week ago. a lot depends on what happens in ohio and with the provisional ballots. we will have to watch and see. the provisional ballots are more than the margin in ohio. we could be sitting here the day after or weeks after wondering who won the election. host: gentlemen, thank you. >> michele bachmann faces off against jim graves in the final debate in minnesota. rep michelle bachmann is in her third time -- third term and is a candidate for the 2012 election. jim graves has a background in business and is the founder and
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former ceo of the american hotel franchise. this debate was held in st. paul, minn., and is about all the minutes. ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> welcome back, today we have a live debate in the sixth congressional district, the district including cities like st. cloud and monticello. i am joined by the incumbent congresswoman, michele bachmann, and jim graves, thank you. know that your down to the final hours of your campaign, hopefully we can learn something from the both of you. the opponent in many of your ads pain to as big spending jim. you do not often hear democrats referring to themselves as conservatives. >> i am really a fiscal
2:59 pm
conservative to the bone. i have balanced budgets and created businesses my whole life and have always made my payments. i know how to balance the budget and i know how to get things done. that is what really makes a conservative. balancing the budget, getting the hard work done, making it happen. i have done it my whole lifetime. i am all about being a fiscal conservative. >> do you see him in any way, shape, or form, as the conservative, or as a big spending liberal? >> the positions he has supported our the signature issues of barack obama. being in support of a $1 trillion stimulus, which failed to create jobs, or for the bailout, or for obama care, which cost $1.80 trillion, or the dog franc bill, which is killing access to credit,
3:00 pm
indicating he is willing to raise taxes on the middle-class willing to pay for the unpaid for spending. that is a real difference between the two of us, i want less government, not more. lower taxes, not higher taxes. .
3:01 pm
>> do you see her as independent? >> she is the most polarizing person in congress. i would have voted against the bridge. i felt it was too expensive. week of gotten that done for a form under million dollars. -- we could have gotten that done for $400 million. every dollar counts. we need to get back to the basics. she's the most polarizing person in congress. >> let me respond.
3:02 pm
the bridge was estimated to cost $80 million in 1992 but because of radical environmental groups that delayed one suit after another they brought the price of to what it is today. the all of this was a bridge worth being built. this is the spending that he is. there should be more federal stimulus money.
3:03 pm
>> diskette to be very politicized. to be veryrted politicized. i would have made a change to its. >> i voted against it. it was spending $1 trillion. never before have we spent that much money on government works progress. this in not add jobs in the private sector. i know how to grow jobs in the private sector. we meet the payroll every two weeks. one thing i understand is we have to be a pro-growth tax code. it is killing jobs, not creating jobs. >> the federal deficit stands at $16 trillion. what would you do specifically to try to balance the budget
3:04 pm
that would to entertain the idea of more taxes? >> i do not support more taxes. we are spent $2.20 trillion to the federal government. the problem is not that we're not spending enough money. the problem is the out of control spending. i would have took note of -- said no to very expensive projects. he cannot continue to spend money like that like barack obama did. never before have we had trillion dollar deficits. we have for the last four years. >> i think we have to move along the lines of the simpson-bowles plan, a balanced approach that addresses the issues. we're going to try to get our spending down to 21% of gdp. >> president obama did not originally go for it.
3:05 pm
>> nobody did. i would. a lot of this is getting rid of tax expenditures which are loopholes. we can raise a lot of revenues by getting rid of loopholes. royalties to coal companies. rate to oil companies. these are what we call attack expenditures. take them away and we can get more revenue. >> we can cut everything we possibly can to the bone. we cannot pass this down the road to our kids and grandkids. we have to be serious. we have to do the heavy lifting. >> let's wish to medicare. do you support paul wright and's plan that would change medicare for people who are 55 -- under the age of 55? some people have called it a vulture system.
3:06 pm
>> i support saving medicare, in favor of the principles of the ryan plan. it was a group of principals. the whole goal was to save medicare. i was in the east room of the white house. the president has no plan to save medicare. he entered has that his plan is obamacare. most seniors have no idea that president obama's plan is that medicare will go away and senior citizens will go into obamacare. most seniors understand that obamacare will mean a deny of care for seniors. that is not what i mean. >> michele bachmann wants to eliminate both medicare and social security. >> that is wrong. he just made a false statement. >> can i talk please? here's the situation. we have to say this to programs to get serious. i put on the floor that let's
3:07 pm
raise the social security cap. the rabbit and it takes social security for many years. seniors will have insurance that they can retire that they have earned. on the other time, we have to attack the issue on the cost side and be willing to negotiate with pharmaceuticals. michele bachmann is ready to do that. >> these are false statements and assertions. what i have worked on is to make sure we say social security, save medicare. we have to reform. medicare is 50 years old. we have to update the way we deliver high-quality health care. we have to make sure its is there for kids who are coming. beforene knows we need a for appeared quite slowly back in just a moment. we will talk about obamacare and
3:08 pm
foreign policy and hopefully some energy policy. we will be back in just a moment. >> jim graves is here to rebut that commercial. him and michele bachmann. your opponent just said that you favor all aspects of obamacare and would like to keep it intact. is that true? >> no. there are some good things. we talked about those kids staying in to the program until they are 26 years old. we have talked about these exchanges that will open up the bidding process and let small businesses buy insurance. this is by no means a done. it is a process. the heavy lifting is bending the cost curve. we have not done that yet. >> the coverage is pretty
3:09 pm
popular. do you want to scrap all of that? >> i want to bring down the cost of health care. obamacare escalated the cost of health care. it is money we do not have. we did not need the government to take over 1/6 of the economy. that is a cost of about $5 billion a year which we can do. that money will go to the states so we can take care of people's needs. the big issue is bringing down the cost. obamacare has escalated the cost and taken the decision making away from the people. i want to empower people and bring down the price. >> on the issue of abortion, lately that has become a big issue in some senate campaigns around the country. a couple of republicans have sparked controversy by saying that they would not allow
3:10 pm
abortions in the case of rape. where do you stand on that? and under what situations would you find abortion to be allowed? >> i am 100% pro-like. people know i stand for life. taken 23 foster kids into our home. >> specifically on the issue. under what situation which allowould allow that. i stand to reject lives of conception to natural death except in the case of the life of the mother. >> if someone is a victim of rape and abortion should not be allowed? >> i stand for the protection of life from conception until death. >> abortion is a travesty. i will help women avoid that difficult choice. i will work for a real
3:11 pm
meaningful maternity leave. equal pay for equal work. this is a woman's issue between herself and her god. there is one bill that michele bachmann sent in congress. i would have voted for the bill. she did not. it restricted any federal funding for any abortions. michele bachmann did not vote for it. >> let me just say. it is important to clarify. i do not support taxpayer funding of abortion. obamacare includes tax their funding of abortion. in no important peoplei kno way support it. >> you said the obama administration said the muslim brotherhood has made a "de penetration in the house of our government" and you raise questions about one of the aide
3:12 pm
to hillary clinton. john mccain called the accusations as having no basis or logic. do you stand by the acquisitions of? did you see proof that the muslim brotherhood has infiltrated the government? >> i certainly do stand by those letters. what we know is that terrorism continues to remain a real threat in the united states. i serve on the intelligence committee. we deal with classified secrets. a number of people came out in support of us. the events in benghazi proved that the united states remained under attack here and in the united states. >> but there's no proof that the muslim brotherhood was involved? into foronly getting has admitted to.sharia
3:13 pm
>> you call these accusations ridiculous and outrageous. >> they are. they are inflammatory. here is the thing. there's nothing more important in this country than to protect its people. i stand behind that 100%. we do not need to polarize or antagonize especially when it is not even called for. we need to come together and protect our ambassadors. i have an ambassador friends in the middle east. we have to protect those people. it was a tragedy what happened in benghazi. we have to learn from that terrible experience. >> thank god we have members of congress that are asking questions. that is all we did. >> you made an acquisition about the muslim brotherhood. >> we did not.
3:14 pm
we ask questions. we ask them to take a look. it is within reason to think these violent organization to have declared they want the destruction of israel and the the obamates woul, administration did not listen or pay attention. a tragedy in suit. we members that to ask tough questions. >> i will allow you each to make a closing statement. >> thank you. our country is on a train wreck, but fiscal train wreck. we have to stop it before it happens. if we do not deal with that it will deal with us. we have seen that michele bachmann has been in congress for six years. it should not be able to curb the cost curve. should not been able to stop the spiralling of the debt. i'm a business person that will
3:15 pm
make things happen. i will be fiscally conservative and make this congress work into the heavy lifting. we're not going to raise taxes on the middle-class. >> you have 30 seconds. >> i want to say what it on your id is to represent new. mikmy focus has been on creating millions of high-paying jobs and turning our economy around. and a former federal tax lawyer. i'm here nearly every weekend. i will continue to work for you to turn this economy around if you give me the chance. thanks again. i ask for a vote on tuesday. >> thank you both for taking more time to be with us today. we will be back in just a moment.
3:16 pm
these two will be busy throughout election day. we will be back in just a moment. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> in a few minutes bob macdonald will speak at a rally for mitt romney. while we wait for that event, c- span asks reporters and analysts what they will be watching for. here is what one of them had to say. >> i think some of the early races could give an indication of whether it could be better for democrats or a very long night. one of the very first polls to close will be in kentucky at 6:30 p.m. there is a house race there between the democrat and the republican who ran last time against him. he lost by just 647 votes. this is one where we thought
3:17 pm
channel would continue to have an advantage. polls show this one closing. this'll be another very close race that cannot be decided for a while. if democrats are losing the type of seat that even got more democratic and redistricting, i think we will see them having trouble elsewhere. the question is whether they can even get into the double digits. >> are there any other state registered you are watching? >> democrats lost several seats there in 2010. this town they really hope to pick of these seat again.
3:18 pm
polling has shown that she is still neck-and-neck with her challenger. he is still pulling ahead of his challenger there. new york is as home to many as six or seven competitive elections where republicans and democrats are having to defend. kathy was one of the first predicated on this medicare message. democrats saw this as a cue. rochester is the most republican districts in the state. they're holding very close there.
3:19 pm
the executive there is now pulling back and neck with her. this is a district that republicans should be winning. i think some people could think that he has had problems with republicans himself. >> is there anything that would surprise you out of election night? >> i think the biggest question is just whose polls will be bright. with the biggest is for us is we are not seeing it develop. it will be an interesting cycle for us. typically these closing days we would be tilting our races to one party or another. campaigns really matter. to have redistricting. they control the process down the line. they were fighting tooth and nail to pick up these districts.
3:20 pm
this was the district that obama won by 63%. the democrats are not making the gains they need to, we could see minimal democratic gains. what could be surprising is republicans even pick up seats. > >> in a few minute bob macdonald will speak at a rally for mitt romney. he's expected to speak shortly. this is live coverage on c-span. >> in the state it has been a battleground. we have several battlegrounds going on. we have the governor's race going on. north carolina has had 20
3:21 pm
straight years of democratic governors. it is the longest run of democratic governors east of the mississippi river that could come to an end. the democratic nominee whose lieutenant governor is walter dalton, polls suggest he is in deep trouble. he lost to them in 2008. they have maintained a double digit lead. they look to be in very good shape to be the first republican governor since jim martin was elected in 1980. it is shaping up as a very good republican year.
3:22 pm
[no audio] [no audio] >> here's a look at the 2012 campaign in the battle state of virginia. >> these are the key battleground states.
3:23 pm
spotlight on b the commonwealth of virginia. there are 13 electoral votes in this state. the current unemployment rate is five plan nine%. in 2008 president obama won this state by six + percentage points. the first summit democrat has won the state of virginia since 1964. joining us from uva is the director of their politics center. what are the issues that are being campaigned on in virginia? >> the same issues as every well else. the economy is foremost. we cover all 50 states. flavore's any special here, va. depends on the greater
3:24 pm
events to every state but alaska. there is a special flavor on defense. there is a special flavor on this federal spending this is also in hampton roads. this is also off in virginia beach. >> what are the demographics of the state of virginia? >> as with most large population states, there are many states in one. you have northern virginia which is about 1/3 of the population. this has a low rate. that population is national and international in scope. it is the highest income region.
3:25 pm
it has people with the hire education levels in the state. it tends to be the most democratic region. if the go down to hampton roads which i was just mentioning, that is a heavy defense industry area. it is both white and blue collar. it also has a large african american population. it also has a relative low nativity rate. people there were not necessarily born in virginia due to the inference -- influence of the navy. the richmond area is an urban area. it is probably the most conservative urban region in this region. it may be with the most conservative and the country. it is a traditional area of because of the west side of richmond. the east side is heavily african-american. the left side is predominantly
3:26 pm
white and conservative. some of the surrounding counties have become more diverse over the years. this is also a conservative area. those are three you can include southwest virginia as a world unto itself. now it went democratic. now i think it is very conservative republicans in part because coal was such a major part of the economy. there is outside virginia on the north carolina border. many of those counties are majority of african american. piedmont is very mixed. it is democratic and public
3:27 pm
localities. you break virginia down into urban and rural. the most important swing areas are locked and counties in northern virginia. probably chesterfield and the richmond area. >> if you look at the map, you can see a lot of red. the president won the state of virginia by six percentage points in 2008. it looks like qe1 some are round starlet's bilaround charlottevi. as compared year to 2000 force
3:28 pm
when george w. bush won the state. you can see that president bush won more of this region than did john mccain in 2008. if you are president obama in your mitt romney, where would you focus your resources? >> you can tell by where they are visiting. romney spent a lot of time in the richmond area. some of these voted for president obama. others were very conservative. there is no way for a republican to win state ride and allow a county like chester fell to give 40 5% of the votes to obama. he needs to do well and those areas that i mentioned the
3:29 pm
prince william county would just become very diverse. as 1.4 million people. the blue areas are small. trees and rocks and acres do not vote. at least in most states and localities. >> what kind of voting systems are used in virginia? >> the computerized systems are used almost everywhere. we have eliminated paper ballots. we do not have these state anymore. my votes were cast on lever machines. we thought they were pretty neat. they are long gone. now you have a computerized seems almost everywhere. >> some of the demographics of the state, a 64.5% white.
3:30 pm
the hispanic population, 8.2%. a lead story about the latino vote nationwide. what about in virginia? >> those figures are little deceptive. we look at the register grew, those that have a greater propensity to vote. african-americans very. they can be as low as 15 or 16%. they can be as high as 27. hispanics are a growing slice.
3:31 pm
hispanics and virginia tend to be very heavily democratic. to the extent they come out, they could be an assist to democrats. let me mention asian americans. they have become increasingly important. in northern virginia and they have become exceptionally active. they give a lot of money to candidates. they are predominantly democratic. the goes to show in a diverse population, virginia has been tremendously diverse. when i was growing up the white turnout on election day was about 80 5% of the total.
3:32 pm
it makes a giant difference. he can sell it in the election results. even a small slice of the population can have a big impact in a state that is increasingly diverse. >> larry is the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. >> we will take you live now to sterling virginia for eight mitt romney campaign events. they're showing a statistical tie between mitt romney. this is live coverage on c-span. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i have some great news for you. last night we changed our clock. tuesday we will change our president.
3:33 pm
thank you for your leadership and all of you that are in party leadership up here for everything you have done and will continue to do for these last 48 hours. you were incredible in 2009 when we were elected. you got as over 60% here in loudoun county. they have been on a roll since then. this is the big one. it is not like to be four more years. it declined to be two more days. i have to apologize.
3:34 pm
tag and mitt romney were supposed to be with me. they have been up for other stocks. they have just gotten on a plane are heading out to southern virginia for a couple of events. i have the new. and iran will be back here at 245 -- mitt romney will be back here to 40 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. -- 2:45 p.m. tomorrow. governor romney was here on thursday for three stops. paul ryan was here yesterday. itt mat they know how important virginia is. president obama said that if he does not win virginia he's not going to be the next president of the united states. will you help us keep that promise ta?
3:35 pm
i know for you to be missing the washington redskins, let me tell you how much i love you. my wife is a former redskins cheerleader. she actually cheered at the halftime show today. she is cheering for the redskins at halftime. i am here because i love you and it romney. this is a serious time for our country. we have a very big choice in america. it comes down to what kind of america we want to have. there is this crushing debt and the stifling of the american dream we have seen over the past four years. it is going to affect all of us.
3:36 pm
there are some people that are undecided right now. the message is that the president has tried but his policies have not worked. they have failed our state and they will fail the country. that is what it is time for real change what am romney and paul ryan. -- real change with mitt romney and paul ryan. that is why i am here. the president in 2008 offered a pretty good vision of hope and change. he won virginia for the first time in 45 years. a lot of people believed in those promises. the results have not measured up. that is what people need to know. to have an eight% unemployment rate for over 43 months, to have it now be higher today than when
3:37 pm
president obama took office is pretty good evidence that the policies have not worked. we're not better off than we were four years ago. there's no compelling vision the president has laid out. we have an unsustainable debt in this country. young folks will be the ones that have to pay for it. this press and has racked up $6 trillion in new debt. you member when billions used to be a lot of money that this the largest amount of debt ever accumulated in the presidency. he did in about 3.5 years. what that means is another $20,000 for every person. mitt romney was governor of
3:38 pm
massachusetts with a democratic legislature. 80% democrats appeared to balance the budget without raising taxes and got his state from 50th to 30 it in the unemployment rate. he knows how to balance a budget. he did in massachusetts. he did it with the olympics. if you're looking for in getting out of debt, and it romney is the only guy with the vision to get that done. i just for of down the road in fairfax. this is back home. you know how important the defense industry is. we have had this to hundred 36 love affair with the united states military -- 236 year love
3:39 pm
affair with the united states military. we always believed the men and women in uniform is what has made this a great country. how many of you are veterans of? raise your hands. thank you. as important as we know the military is to project american power around the world and be this immense force for good and for the expansion of democracy, over the last year this president has presided over the largest cuts in recent history, $1 trillion of cut and our defense budget. our sons and daughters are in afghanistan and other places around the world. i had a daughter in iraq and 2005.
3:40 pm
i would never think about cutting the national guard like that. for a year now this president has been a bystander in trying to turn the devastating cuts around. he has been a bystander. he is fail to stand up for our defense departments. 207,000 jobs could be lost. all we ask is to have a balanced approach to how we cut. we know we have to cut. we are broke. do not been on the backs of men and women. region not put it on the backs of men and women. -- do not put it on the backs of men and women. we are blessed with more resources than just about any
3:41 pm
other state. offshore oil and natural gas and wind and all kinds of alternative energy projects. this president continues to wage a war on coal. we just lost 1200 jobs to three weeks ago. it is harder to get jobs to drill natural gas, making it very difficult to start a new nuclear plant in america. we could've been the first eight of the atlantic coast to drill for oil and natural gas off our shore. i asked for it in the president said no. mitt romney is the one that believes in a comprehensive american energy solution. he is the one we need to put in charge.
3:42 pm
the final thing and the reason and asked me to continue your great work is leadership. in washington we have rhetoric. there is a lot of talk. there's a lot of finger- pointing. this president is the commander in chief and he blames house republicans and the tea party in fox now is in anyone he can fight for why things are not going right. if you're the present you take charge and meet. that is what mitt romney will do. it is time for a change. if mitt romney was here, here's what he would say.
3:43 pm
i i think you can know a lot about a parent by their kids. your kids are great. they're so while the city must be a great american. >> i am. >> tag and then are great kids. they want to do everything they do to make sure their debt in his love for the american dream is what they see in the white house. they would tell you that their dad is a man of deep faith. they are a man -- he is a man that has an abiding love for the united states of america and because he was blessed to live the american dream. dream bigrk hard and during ba he can be anything in the united states of america.
3:44 pm
isn't that what we believe that they would tell you that he is a great believer in the power of entrepreneurship -- isn't that what we believe that tax they would tell you that he is a great believer in the power of japan and europe. they're being afraid to pursue those opportunities. that is why it is time for real change. we have the promise of hope and change. it did not work. the policies have failed. what i had come to ask you to do is that this is a close race. how many of the work of my 2005 elections for our attorney general? you know close races. wo 5you
3:45 pm
gov. romney has done everything he can. he has done everything. they projected this great optimistic view of america which i love. that is what is right for the country. at the end of the day comes down to you. he made a huge difference. these last undecided votes are up to you. there are still more doors to nonurban. we that the best efforts -- to knock on. we still have the best efforts. this is the best restaurant operation we have had in the history of virginia.
3:46 pm
-- the best operations we have had in the history of virginia. thank you. there is still a little more to do. there is still those undecided voters who are looking at the candidates and say what is the right thing to do. >> vote. >> the president hasn't closed the deal yet. there are more likely to vote for mitt romney. there are still signs to be put up. there are lots of e-mails you can send out. ande are still some tweakets facebook. there are probably people you'll see a church night for work tomorrow, you will see walking in the polls on tuesday. there are still things you can do. the last minute things make a difference. we have to outwork the democrats to make sure that more of our
3:47 pm
voters get to the polls. on behalf of mitt romney and paul and david and me, thank you so much for what you have done. you have been the wind beneath our wings. yet determined the outcome of all the elections and why we have been on a roll. he is really counting on s to get things done. you have done a credible work in 2009. they really believe that prince william and loudoun county are absolutely keys along with fairfax in order to win. thank you for what you have doing. i realize this is about the great choice for what can america you want to have. you can sleep in december. the next couple of days are vitally important.
3:48 pm
we will have a great new president of the united states. thank you very much. what is this tim cdonnell at a campaign rally. all of you will go there and cast your vote for the next president of the united states.
3:49 pm
we will get your take on what you have seen your honor these van and what you plan to do on tuesday. here are the phone numbers for you. we are waiting for president obama. he is in florida today as part of his campaign events. we are expecting him any minute here. when we see him on that stage we will go to him. first, brian noble's is a reporter for nbc 12 in joining us to talk about the battleground state of virginia. how does this play into governor romney's ground game.
3:50 pm
virginia is becoming more of a purple county. there are top five or six counties. loudoun county is certainly in there. this is just north of the city of richmond. we have a good idea of where the election is headed. i think most people agreed an order for governor romney to have the presidency he has to
3:51 pm
win in virginia. we will have a good idea of the election and maybe how long of a night we have in front of us. >> we heard the governor there say that romney has been in the state a lot. his sons are campaigning there today. where would he be going and why? >> governor romney will be in newport tonight. yet an evening rally at around 7:00. he has been in newport news several times. the big push for him always is norfolk and virginia beach. they taught heavily about the sequester issue. they laid the problems with the sequestered at the president's feet. every time there in the region they push it heavily. they are going to spend time in
3:52 pm
lynchburg tomorrow. one of their final campaign events will be in fairfax. that was president obama's farewell of the campaign event last night. the direction you see the other candidates as they will have in virginia on the last two days of the campaign doing several events in our 36 hour time frame. it shows how important it is to get out the vote. >> what about president obama? he mentioned he was there last night. tomorrow heading into tuesday. where will this campaign be? >> his last event was impressed
3:53 pm
william county -- was in prince william county last night. they are hoping that this will be live shot from all the local news stations and richmond featuring vice president joe biden at that event. he will be joined by john mellencamp and vice president joe biden's wife. there was this narrative that republicans were pushing maybe one or two weeks ago but was this idea that the obama campaign had abandoned virginia.
3:54 pm
he will have his entire day that shows how serious they are. the personal sense of that is that i look at the electrical math'. i think it will be an early night if we think the president has won virginia. it makes all the sins in the world why they continue to play here. >> if it is that close and virginia, how many calls are they making to voters? what are you hearing from the two campaigns? >> the ground game is an essential aspect of this conversation. what we have been seeing is that the republicans have a much better ground game than they had
3:55 pm
in 2008. if you look back on for years ago, virginia did not even realize it was a swing state until after labor day. we did not get that much attention especially from the republicans. there were not stacked up like they are now. they have countless victory offices in just about every county. since april 1 they have made more contacts in virginia than there are voting age residents. this is based out of austin and allows them to happen to an easy-to-use software program that gives them a list of people they need to talk to by phone or by knocking on the door. they come home at night and click on something that tells
3:56 pm
boston exactly who to talk to. there is nothing like that in 2008. that being said, the obama campaign has increased the presence in virginia. we know from last night they put out a number that nationwide the have contacted voters around the country. if you take a look at virginia you have to imagine that a significant chunk or contact information in virginia. the ground game is going to be like nothing we have ever seen before. it'll be at the same level of
3:57 pm
what is happening in ohio for florida. i saw people walking with the obama for americas sticker. you heard governor mcdonald's is a they're not taking him for granted. reminded that they need to vote. get them to the polls. these are places that have legitimate early voting. more than half of the voters are voting ahead of time. there is in person absentee voting. anybody can do it if they want
3:58 pm
to. there is a pretty lengthy list of specific standards that you need in order to vote absentee. the majority of this will be done on election day. >> what and on the numbers. what are the latest polls? >> i look at all these polls and a swing state. it is tight here. what ever you think, i do not think you can give a significant .dge appeared rig i think the ground game ultimately decide it. >> all right. brian nobles -- ryan nobles,
3:59 pm
thank you very much. we will go to where president obama is. we're waiting his arrival in hollywood, florida. we will bring him to live as part of our campaign 2012 coverage. let's first hear from some of the voters here. you have to turn that television down. and yet been waiting a long time. -- i know you have been waiting a long time. i'm glad to put you on hold. let me go to helen. >> i was so pleased to vote for mitt romney. it would take me 30 minutes to tell you how i feel about our president. i have three brothers that are retired military. they are appalled that our commander in chief would get on
4:00 pm
television, be dishonest with the american people. he has not spoken out since september the 12th. then he said vote for revenge. he talks about mitt romney being bs. if anybody is, it is barack obama. but he was such a the president he would be pulling in the 50's. . .
4:01 pm
my sister is an officer in the military and has done quite well. i do not understand how the american people can't go out and vote for mitt romney. -- can go out and vote for mitt romney. high of called about that. it is disgraceful you conveyed that ignorance and a state like this where half of the people, more than half cannot even read or write. barack obama is the best canada and will be the president of the united states of america again. yes, i am white.
4:02 pm
so what? democratic calller, i am on the air. caller: i will vote for barack obama and my entire finley. i cannot understand why the nation is so blinded by it mitt romney and paul ryan would this be in there taking with the nation. nothing that has come out of either of the rouse has been honest about anything they have declared to be. president obama, because he holds the highest seeded the nation, president barack obama has done and is trying -- the senate has not supported him at all. he came into a mess that was left by previous administrations.
4:03 pm
i am surprised president bush has not taken a stand to support it wrong. that is saying something to the nation that he does not support him. that is of the because he is not supporting or backing it wrongly. the nation needs to wake up and look to see the president and a man trying his best to do something with all of the people of america are, not just for one creed. the nation is suffering, but it is what he himself is trying to recover for all the nation and a great nation that we have a. host: waiting for president obama to arrive in hollywood, florida. should be getting under way soon. we have heard 23,000 are in attendance at this event. they started lining up early
4:04 pm
this morning. thousands of people come to the events. crowds are getting bigger as the hours are getting smaller. here is a tweet. of the worst of that country we used to call the end of opportunity. we do not have the country anymore. you could send us your tweets if you go to seize the of 2012. good work facebook page. we will go to thomas in illinois. independent calller. caller: i am an independent. one of the main issues i am looking at right now is violence, because we have somebody vicious circle of violence. we have violent weather coming back at us. we of violent wars. violent neighborhoods from gay and down the problems.
4:05 pm
we a valueless -- i let homes at domestic violence. i am independent. i am going to critique both parties. the republicans claim to be pro- life, and they're not only wrong, they are deceitful. they are lying. pro-life, but they are war mongering. president obama making his way to the states through the crowd. let's listed in. -- listen in. ♪ >> hello, florida. are you fired up?
4:06 pm
are you ready to go? i am sorry, i could i hear you. are you fired up? ready to go? can everyone please get in abela of great round of applause for that great introduction? that great introduction?

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